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Industrial Services

Providing a Wide-Range of Services for a Wide-Range of Needs

Tank & Vessel Cleaning / Decontamination

HERR routinely performs storage tank cleaning services. Our field staff has the training required for confined-space entry projects as well as the knowledge and experience for high pressure/low volume water wash services. We work with our client's schedule and custom fit the service to the specific cleaning need. Whether the tank system requires a change of product, periodic cleaning, maintenance or closure, we can develop a cleaning solution to meet your requirements.

Tank & Vessel Cleaning / Decontamination
Tank & Vessel Cleaning / Decontamination

We Will Develop a Methodology to Achieve Your Desired Cleanliness Standard

Facility & Process Equipment Decontamination

HERR has performed numerous projects involving the interior & exterior decontamination of buildings and associated process equipment. The services are typically required as part of scheduled maintenance, surface preparation, facility closure or clean-ups due to material releases.

We offer wet-decontamination services or dry-decontamination involving mechanical removal of contaminants in conjunction with the use of super-high cfm vacuum trucks for material collection and contanierization in preparation for off-site waste transport and disposal.

Facility & Process Equipment Decontamination

Fleet of Company-Owned Vacuum Trucks is the Solution to Any Liquid or Sludge Removal Project

Vacuum Removal of Liquids & Sludge

Readily available vacuum trucks and vacuum tankers can remove an array of hazardous and non-hazardous materials from sumps, pits, trenches, drains and equipment reservoirs even within the far reaches of your plants interior.

Vacuum Removal of Liquids & Sludge
Vacuum Removal of Liquids & Sludge

Other Industrial Service Lines We Offer Include

  • AFVR / MMPE Events
  • Oil/Water Separator Cleaning
  • Combustible Dust Removal
  • Concrete & Asphalt Paving/Repair
  • Small-Scale Construction/Maintenance
  • Demolition/Shoring