Hazmat Emergency Response and Remediation, Inc.

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Emergency Response

...You Can't Plan Accidents !!!

It is true that you can't plan accidents but you can prepare and pre-plan in the event that an environmental spill or release actually does occur. The first step is the selection of an experienced and reliable contractor that is knowledgeable in petroleum and chemical clean-up methods. HERR has 18 years of in-field experience and is perfectly suited to assist with your emergency response needs.

  • 24-hour/day operations
  • Highway, rail or facility releases
  • Petroleum & chemical constituents
  • RCRA & TSCA waste containment/clean-up
  • Rapid response & efficient on-site practices
  • Waste containerization, transport and disposal
You Can't Plan Accidents

We Minimize the Environmental Impact While Reducing Total Project Costs

We Minimize the Environmental Impact...


HERR is fully-equipped and willing to respond to any type of emergency project regardless of magnitude.


We can handle large catastrophic situations as well as small-quantity releases.

...While Reducing Total Project Costs

Each Response is Unique and Has Its Own Set of Risks and Liabilities


We are confident that our response teams' rapid mobilization and readiness for any emergency situation will meet your organization's goals and objectives in a cost efficient and professional manner.

Each Response is Unique
Willing and Able to Respond to Any Emergency Situation