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Disposal Services

HERR Can Provide Disposal Of Both Small-Quantity And Bulk Shipments Of Non-Hazardous Liquids And Soils Using One Of Our Company-Owned Treatment Facilities

For the treatment and disposal of non-hazardous liquids...

Clean Water Solutions, LLC

Our wastewater treatment facility located in Whiteville, NC is fully equipped for liquid fuel blending in addition to the physical separation, chemical treatment and air-stripping of non-hazardous wastewaters. On-site bulk storage tankage allows segregation of liquid wastes and increased treatment efficiency.

For the treatment and disposal of non-hazardous petroleum-impacted soil...

S&R Farms, LLC

Our non-hazardous soil treatment/disposal facility located in Fair Bluff, NC is fully permitted for treatment and disposal of petroleum-contaminated soil. The solid waste streams are profiled with accompanying laboratory data to document the waste's non-hazardous classification. Each load is manifested and weighed on our on-site scales by a North Carolina certified weigh master. Client will receive completed copies of all paperwork documenting the soil treatment and disposal procedures.

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